Video On Demand - Platform Update

Great news! On August 27th we upgradedour video platform.

This will mean all of your Puppy Culture films and your Madcap University Courses will now both be on the Madcap University platform.

For more details on how this update may affect you, please read below.

Puppy Culture Customers (current)

  • If you have purchased any Puppy Culture video on demand products your content will be migrated automatically.
  • You will still be able to login using your current username and password that was created in Puppy Culture.
  • You can access your courses one of two ways:

  • From you Puppy Culture account on the Puppy Culture website, as you have before or,
  • From the login page on Madcap University using the Puppy Culture login button on that page.

  • Make sure to note where you last viewed in each course so you can navigate to that specific time in the video player. 
  •  The current Puppy Culture Video Library ( will not be available to access after August 27th, 2023.
  • If you are using IOS app or Google Play Puppy Culture app, you will need to remove that and download the Madcap University app after August 27th.
  • The existing Roku channel for Puppy Culture will be removed and be replaced with the Madcap University Roku channel.

Madcap University Customers (current)

  • Nothing will change. You will view your existing courses just as before.  
  • You will access your courses as you did before. 
  • If you have separate accounts for Puppy Culture and Madcap University with separate usernames and passwords, you will need to use the Puppy Culture Login to watch your Puppy Culture videos, and your Madcap University login to watch your Madcap University courses.
  • If you have used the same username and password, all your courses/films will be available in your Madcap University video library.

My Courses / Films are missing?

If, when you login you do not see your previous courses/films, please email us at and we will update your account. Please include your order number, name and email address that you used to complete your purchase. You can find that information in your account under “Orders”.