With Open Arms
and a Level Head

How to bring a Puppy into your life

From transporting your puppy home through crate and house training, this course will give you a solid plan for bringing a new puppy into your life!

  • 8 hours 30 mins

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  • Jane Messineo Lindquist


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  • 52

    Video Lessons

  • Including 7 excerpts from Puppy Culture

  • Certificate of completion

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Course Preview Videos

Training Preview Videos

Course Description

You’re excited about getting a puppy, and we’re excited to be part of welcoming your new baby into your life!

You might be feeling a touch of jitters along with your excitement, but we’re here to tell you that everything’s going to be OK. We’ve raised scores of puppies and it’s fun, easy, and sometimes even inspiring. All you need is a little more knowledge along with a solid plan, and that’s what exactly what you’ll take away from this course.

In this course, you’ll follow along at home as Jane and her crack team of demo puppies lay out a complete puppy plan for you! 

What you’ll learn

  • Transporting your puppy home

  • Socialization and essential training

  • Establishing good routines and training priorities

  • Self-regulation - how to teach it and why it’s the solution to all of your “problems” with your puppy

  • BITING! Why they do it, how to stop it

  • Puppy Culture’s house and crate training system

Course Syllabus

22 Units     52 Lessons     8hrs 30m total


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Class Documents


Why You Need This Course


Priorities in the First Two Weeks with Your Puppy


Exercise 1: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About People


Exercise 2: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About Novelty


Exercise 3: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About Possessions


Exercise 4: Learning to Read How Your Puppy Feels About Confinement and His Crate


Exercise 5: Learning if Your Puppy Has the Key Skills He Needs


Motivating Your Puppy


Transporting Your Puppy Home and Your First Few Nights Together


Class One: Student Documents and Reading


Puppy Culture Excerpts and Resource Videos


Structuring Your Puppy's Day


Class Two: Student Documents and Reading


Homework Review


Control Yourself! Teaching Self-Regulation and What to Do About Puppy Biting


Class Three: Student Documents and Reading


Homework Review


The Puppy Culture House and Crate Training System


Class Four: Student Documents and Reading


Homework Review


Certificate of Completion

Course Lecturer

Jane Messineo Lindquist

Creator of Puppy Culture, author of When Pigs Fly, and breeder of Madcap Bull Terriers


Jane Messineo Lindquist (Killion) is the director of “Puppy Culture the Powerful First Twelve Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppies’ Future” as well as the author of “When Pigs Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs” and founder of Madcap University.

Jane has had Bull Terriers since 1982 and she and her husband, Mark Lindquist, breed Bull Terriers under the Madcap kennel name.

Her interests include dog shows, dog agility, gardening, and any cocktail that involves an infused simple syrup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jill Tucci
A Must, Excellent!!

I am so fortunate to have come across Puppy Culture and MadCap University. I have read and studied many different training styles but Jane really speaks to me. She explains and demonstrates thoughtful science backed training in a way that really breaks it down and it is easy to understand. I have watched Puppy Culture, With Arms Wide Open, The Mother of all Behaviors, and I am now half way through reading When Pigs Fly. I hope there will be continued contend to come at MadCap University and or perhaps an ongoing online course and or membership program for training. I really like the FB page link too. Thank you!

Suzan George
Life Changing

We raised a pup using this program last year and I can't say enough good things about it. It helped me understand what the puppy was going through developmentally so I knew how to best meet her needs. It was such an easy process! I never understood how important naps were! She is the most well rounded puppy we have ever owned. It started with Puppy Culture and continued through this course.


I’m so thankful to be introduced to this knowledge! I thought I knew a little something, but now I feel like I knew nothing. Now, I’m even more excited to get my golden doodle puppy!

Tori Snipes
Thankful for this course

My breeder recommended this course to me and I am thankful for it. I watched this prior to my puppy coming home and have referred back to it several times the first week for reassurance. I have also had my kids watch this with me so we can all be on the same page.

Sandra Morrison
Excellent Course!! Highly Recommend!! A MUST!!

My breeder uses this course to begin training her pups prior to home placement. She recommends to all prospective parents. Our puppy, Tibetan Terrier - Harvey,, will be 14 weeks tomorrow. This has been extremely helpful! We have continued your training process as our puppy grows. It is imperative for me to be able to go back to the course and reread/listen to specific training methods as we approach them. As you have said, it isn't always easy but it will be worth it in the long run. Patience is a virtue. We have had dogs before but never the clear understanding of their needs until now. I know so many people training incorrectly and not understanding what their puppy/dog needs. They say it is the dog itself and nothing they can do and put on a shock collar. This is very upsetting. Thank you for teaching us how to communicate and thrive with our precious puppy!! I highly recommend this course to any new puppy owner regardless if you have had puppies in the past. Learn to communicate with your puppy right from the start. Put in the effort and be patient. It will pay off!

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