With Open Arms and a Level Head: How to bring puppy into your life - Lifetime Access

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From transporting your puppy home through crate and house training, this course will give you a solid plan for bringing a new puppy into your life!

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  • 52 Video Lessons

  • Including 7 Excerpts from Puppy Culture

You’re excited about getting a puppy, and we’re excited to be part of welcoming your new baby into your life!

You might be feeling a touch of jitters along with your excitement, but we’re here to tell you that everything’s going to be OK. We’ve raised scores of puppies and it’s fun, easy, and sometimes even inspiring. All you need is a little more knowledge along with a solid plan, and that’s exactly what you’ll take away from this course.

In this course, you’ll follow along at home as Jane and her crack team of demo puppies lay out a complete puppy plan for you! 

Here’s a peek at what you’ll be learning:

  • Transporting your puppy home

  • Socialization and essential training

  • Establishing good routines and training priorities

  • Self-regulation - how to teach it and why it's the solution to all of your "problems" with your puppy.

  • BITING! Why they do it, how to stop it

  • Puppy Culture's house and crate training system

Class One: Bringing Baby Home 

In this class, we cover all the nuts and bolts of bringing your puppy home and help you set priorities for those first few days and weeks with your new baby. 


Topics include:

• Transporting your puppy home

• Crate and playpen set up ideas

• Your first few nights with your puppy

• Training priorities and “must dos”

Then you can train along as Jane demonstrates your homework, which will be your very first lessons with your puppy:

• Eye contact

• Walking on (off) leash

• Playing with toys

Class Two: Establishing a Routine

There’s a lot of advice flying around about what you should be doing with your puppy, but it can be overwhelming to fit it all together in your daily life. In this class, we take you through a model day with your puppy and show you how easy it is to customize it to fit your lifestyle.  


Topics include:

• Structuring your eight to ten-week-old puppy’s day.

• Treat ideas and suggestions

• Teaching alone time

• Car rides

Next, our demo puppies share the recordings of their homework and Jane analyzes the footage, sharing her insight and instruction.

• Review of basic skills

o How to train behaviors

o Treat ideas and handling

o Clicker timing tips

• Meet our demo puppies

o Clark the Labrador

o Zelda the Samoyed

o Peggy the Mastiff

o George the Labradoodle

o Toby the Toy Fox Terrier

Class Three: Control Yourself, Please!

Why are puppies so impulsive? Why do they bite, chew, and play too rough? Why can’t they just control themselves? We answer these questions and show you how to teach your puppy to self-regulate their emotions when they are in exciting situations. The result is a puppy who bites less, destroys less, and might even calm down for a cuddle once in a while.

• Improving self-control in puppies by teaching self-regulation

• Everything you need to know about puppy biting and how to stop it

After the talk portion of the class, Jane reviews our demo students’ homework. We think you’ll agree that they made amazing progress!

Class Four: Puppy Culture’s House and Crate Training System

Soiling in the house, vocal puppies and destructiveness are like the unholy trinity of puppy owner problems. But did you know that these problems are actually closely related, spring from the same well, and are ridiculously easy to avoid? The trick is to stop following everyone’s advice about what to do and when to do it, and ask your puppy, instead. Your puppy has all the answers, and we’ll teach you how to listen to him. 

• Overview of house-training techniques

• How to know when your puppy is asking to be graduated to the next level of house and crate training (behavioral markers)

• Our four-phase house training system

o Phase One: Getting the Feeling

o Phase Two: Puppy’s First Kegels

o Phase Three: Overnights

o Phase Four: Moving Out (of the baby set up)

• Normal stuff you might have to deal with

• What if I catch my puppy in the act?

The course ends with some amazing real-life footage of the demo puppies that shows the principles we teach in action. The proof really is in the puppies!